The Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology (J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol) provides an attractive and very active forum for basic and clinical research in allergology and clinical immunology. The journal publishes original works, reviews, short communications and opinions. It is the Official Journal ofthe Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC). The journal will appear bimonthly (6 issues each year). The peer-review system, based on a team of internationally renowned and committed editors, guarantees the scientific quality of the papers.

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2017; volume 27, Issue 4
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Regulatory B Cells and Allergy: Uncovering the Link
Mota I, Martins C, Borrego LM
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Infectious and Noninfectious Pulmonary Complications in Patients With Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders
Yazdani R, Abolhassani H, Asgardoon M, Shaghaghi M, Modaresi M, Azizi G, Aghamohammadi A
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Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergy: A Spanish Guideline. Immunotherapy Egg and Milk Spanish Guide (ITEMS Guide). Part I: Cow Milk and Egg Oral Immunotherapy: Introduction, Methodology, Rationale, Current State, Indications, Contraindications, and Oral Immunotherapy Build-up Phase
Martorell A, Alonso E, Echeverría L, Escudero C, García-Rodríguez R, Blasco C, Bone J, Borja-Segade J, Bracamonte T, Claver A, Corzo JL, De la Hoz B, Del Olmo R, Dominguez O, Fuentes-Aparicio V, Guallar I, Larramona H, Martín-Muñoz F, Matheu V, Michavila A, Ojeda I, Ojeda P, Piquer M, Poza P, Reche M, Rodríguez del Río P, Rodríguez M, Ruano F, Sánchez-García S, Terrados S, Valdesoiro L, Vazquez-Ortiz M, Expert panel selected from members of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Allergology, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP) and the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC)
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Original Articles

Asthma Exacerbations in a Tertiary Hospital: Clinical Features, Triggers, and Risk Factors for Hospitalization
Pola-Bibian B, Dominguez-Ortega J, Vilà-Nadal G, Entrala A, González-Cavero L, Barranco P, Cancelliere N, Díaz-Almirón M, Quirce S
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Lung Sound Analysis Is Useful for Monitoring Therapy in Patients With Bronchial Asthma
Shimoda T, Obase Y, Nagasaka Y, Nakano H, Kishikawa R, Iwanaga T
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Heterogeneity in Allergy to Mollusks: A Clinical-Immunological Study in a Population From the North of Spain
Azofra J, Echechipía S, Irazábal B, Muñoz D, Bernedo N, García BE, Gastaminza G, Goikoetxea MJ, Joral A, Lasa E, Gamboa P, Díaz C, Beristain A, Quiñones D, Bernaola G, Echenagusia MA, Liarte I, García E, Cuesta J, Martínez MD, Velasco M, Longo N, Pastor-Vargas C
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Practitioner’s Corner

Association Between Pollen Exposure and Nasal Cytokines in Grass Pollen–Allergic Children
Di Cara G, Panfili E, Marseglia GL, Pacitto A, Salvatori C, Testa I, Fabiano C, Verrotti A, Latini A
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Identification of a Lipid Transfer Protein as a New Allergen From Morus alba Pollen
El-Qutob D, Bartolome B, Cuesta J, Mir A, Alberola A, Pastor-Vargas C
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Eosinophilic Esophagitis After Egg Oral Immunotherapy in an Adult With Egg-Allergy and Egg-Bird Syndrome
García Rodríguez R, Méndez Díaz Y, Moreno Lozano L, Extremera Ortega A, Gómez Torrijos E
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Physician, Beware! Drug Fever Without Skin Rashes Can Be Caused by Minocycline
Gu W, Shi D, Mi N, Pang X, Liu W
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Donkey´s Milk Is Well Accepted and Tolerated by Infants With Cow´s Milk Food Protein–Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome: A Preliminary Study
Mori F, Sarti L, Barni S, Pucci N, Belli F, Stagi S, Novembre E
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An Unusual Case of Contact Dermatitis Caused by a Pacemaker Implanted for Neurostimulation
Pérez González EL, Medina Alfaro I, Iglesias Cadarso A, Boteanu C
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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome After Influenza Vaccine Injection
Oda T, Sawada Y, Okada E, Yamaguchi T, Ohmori S, Haruyama S, Yoshioka M, Nakamura M
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Letters to the Editor

Adult Atopic Dermatitis: Less Certainty, More Challenges
Megna M, Patruno C, Balato A, Napolitano M, Balato N
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Reply to “Adult Atopic Dermatitis: Less Certainty, More Challenges”
Silvestre-Salvador JF, Romero-Pérez D, Encabo-Durán B
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New Books

New Books

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